Pretty in Paisley

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away!! Valentine’s Day has always been one of my very favorite holidays- even before I had a boyfriend! There’s just something about teddy bears, roses, and chocolates that makes me blush. šŸ™‚

Click to see all the outfit details on this pretty little floral dress + heels combo.

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Sit Back & Relax

Who doesn’t love a good bath? I know I definitely do. A nice candle, a fizzy bath bomb, and a glass of wine- what more could you ask for? After my last post sharing my favorite face masks, I got a lot of comments & emails asking about my bath time essentials. So here they are!

Click to check out everything you need for a relaxing bath.

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Face Masks Every Girl Needs

Go ahead and laugh, I look like Shrek, I know.

Everyone loves a good spa day… It’s seriously amazing what a face mask & some bubble bath can do. I can’t even tell y’all how much I enjoy myself a good bath and an at-home facial. Chances are if I’m at home (whether I’m studying, working, or just watching TV) you can always find me with a face mask on! Last night while I was doing my nightly DIY facial & watching Friends (#lifeofacouchpotato) I figured, why not share with y’all my favorite face masks?! I included a ton of options, ranging from drugstore to high end, so there’s something for everyone!

Click to read about all my favorite face masks + recommendations.

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